Inspired by a blog post by a dear friend who has no chill. I also have no chill and have said some of these things anyway 😏
  1. "Your essence bugs me"
  2. "I'm not going to ignore your fart that just slipped out"
  3. "I hate to be the one to break it to you but you're racist"
  4. "I refuse to go on a date with you because you're just too outdoorsy for me"
  5. "I can't be friends with you anymore because I secretly feel like I'm smarter than you"
    This one is shitty I know
  6. "The first time I met you, you smelled weird and you will never be able to overcome that first impression"
  7. "You're a bad feminist and not in a quirky, Roxane Gay kind of way"
  8. "I know that you are telling me about this work conflict because you want me to side with you but I can't because you are clearly in the wrong"
  9. "I hate your taste in everything and its making me hate you"
  10. "I have become great at blocking you out when you speak to me"
  11. "I ended our friendship because you own too much American flag paraphernalia"