Race Edition: Utterly Chillless 🌴
  1. My mother's friends weave-checking me every chance they get
    The boldest one, Marvel, has been known to thrust a full hand into my curls and yank. She also once rubbed a strand into a frizzy mess to check for hair dye residue (oh, so a bitch can't just have naturally jet black hair??)
  2. White celebrities saying/doing racist shit and then not apologizing properly/making it worse
  3. Fearing for my life every time I get behind the wheel because me and Sandra Bland have 0 differences whatsoever
  4. White sales associates rolling their eyes at me because my black presence is a burden to them
  5. The hot fiery rage I feel everytime something like this pops up
  6. The unshakeable feeling that most white feminists will never truly be able to understand my plight
  7. The fact that blunt conversations about race can't happen without at least twelve of these
  8. The fact that now that I'm in the job market I have to break out my white sounding phone voice or remain unemployed
  9. The fact that every single social structure (even the little things like access to beauty products) in this country has been constructed to make my existence invisible and everyone who isn't a black woman gets to ignore it and go to spin class
  10. Literally just this
  11. The fact that nothing is fair and I have to spend my entire day fucking terrified that some cop is gonna use me as target practice and you just straight up don't have that problem