As many of you know, I'll be leaving my hometown of Minneapolis for LA in a few weeks, but for now I'm here, and my city is burning.
  1. You stand in line for a BLT at lunch (4 blocks from the fourth precinct) and wonder idly if you will be shot by the KKK
  2. You spot your friends and family being maced on national television
  3. The most popular topic of conversation moves from the weather to safety
    Racist white people use words like "safety" and "overreaction" and "mob" to disguise their true convictions. You never realized so many of your acquaintances held white supremacy so dear to their heart.
  4. You literally can't tell the difference between your real life and the movie Selma
  5. Helicopters above your office are so loud you and your coworkers have to spend the day screaming small talk
  6. The teenagers you work with are showing up terrified because white supremacists are openly hunting us and the police are on tv telling us we're the ones who are violent
  7. You become terrified/ guilty of leaving behind all your loved ones in this place that used to be consistently safe
  8. You lose and regain hope several times a day
  9. You try and focus on the basics: keeping loved ones safe (from cops/KKK since the protesters are PEACEFUL), eating, sleeping, staying warm, praying nonstop