I graduate in two months (cue that Vitamin C song) and I didn't know a single one of these four years ago
  1. I don't need people to like me
  2. I'm an outgoing introvert
  3. I'm a militant black woman
  4. I function well under pressure
  5. I love traveling enough to overcome my huge fear of flying
  6. I like to learn (I was literally so shocked)
  7. I'm a bit emotionally unavailable and not ready for love
  8. I can sing
  9. I'm a writer to the absolute core
  10. I'm extremely close to my family and talking to them is my greatest anxiety reliever
  11. You can be a liberal, open-minded, all accepting Christian and that's me
  12. I'm not scared to be alone and prefer it 80% of the time
  13. When I need people it is sometimes difficult for me to admit it
  14. I'm great at not exploding on stupid people when I really really want to
  15. I'm not here for anyone's bullshit
  16. I don't take no for an answer
  17. I would probably benefit from regular therapy
  18. I can admit when I don't know something
  19. I don't like to be touched
  20. I listen keenly
  21. I really do think my way is the best way to a fault
  22. I live for Mediterranean food