Shoutout to my homegirl @hannieshit for the rekwest
  1. Since I'm not only Black but also from a fam of immigrants, many people deny the possibility that I could be from Minnesota
    But in fact, Minnesota has an extremely high concentration of immigrants. I grew up around immigrants and children of immigrants almost exclusively. Minneapolis is v diverse!
  2. Minnesota Nice is real
    Fargo is accurate. Everyone is passive aggressive. I've seen Minnesotans get hit by a car and apologize to the person who hit them.
  3. Minnesota State Fair RULES
    Idgaf about your stupid ass state fair. Ours is better. We once made a Conan O'Brien statue made of butter with bacon hair and he was "very disturbed." We have a thing called a "minneapple", which is fried apple pie covered with cinnamon ice cream. We put pork chops on sticks. Don't fuck with us.
  4. The Summer is Beautiful
    We chill lakeside and enjoy our recent boom of froyo places. We get the worlds best ice cream at Sebastian Joes and go to our friends' parent's cabins. We do summer up right.
  5. Winter is Uncalled for and I'm Never Fucking Going Back
    Winter starts in September and ends in May. Too much snow, cold enough that car engines routinely freeze all the way through. If you cry your tears will become icicles. I'm not doing it again.
  6. I Say Some Words Weird and Am V Ashamed
    I said "bag" and my roommate said I say it like "beg" and I've never been more humiliated
  7. Mall of America is Hilarious
    We have 20 different Lids stores and an amusement park in the middle. If you like consumerism and a good sensory overload, MOA is for you.
  8. Big City Folk Often Think I'm Quaint/Homely Which is Funny Because I Will Absolutely Destroy You
    I may be adorable and always smell faintly of lavender but I am a shark and will eat you alive if necessary. 😊