1. Self-actualization or making an effort to achieve it
  2. Hair you have put thought into
  3. Patience
  4. Openness
    If you say things like "music is dead" or "religion is for stupid people" I refuse to be in a room alone with you
  5. Being close to your Mom
  6. Being observant
  7. Having at least two pairs of clean shoes
  8. Being resistant to peer pressure
    A rarity among us 22 year olds
  9. Ability to entertain my idiosyncrasies
  10. Having a good grasp on what you like, television/music/food or otherwise
  11. Lack of desire to tear down others
  12. Believing in something
  13. Smelling good
  14. Liking one thing I really, really like
    Like The Lizzie McGuire movie or California Pita
  15. Being creative
    But also highly analytical, science-minded people can be fun too
  16. Being frugal
  17. Only ironic 20% of the time or less
    Sincerity is the HOTTEST