1. People get so confused
  2. People get uncomfortable when you describe yourself as "fat" with a smile on your face because of their own negative associations with the word
  3. People compliment your face only
  4. Weird men fetishize you
  5. People give you unsolicited health advice
  6. People assume you are on a cleanse when really you just glow with self love and also use MAC cosmetics
  7. People assume you are sassy
    I am but thats beside the point
  8. People call you fierce and think you can't tell they are patronizing you
  9. People fear what you can accomplish when you don't waste time hating your body
  10. Overall, you get hella haters 😎
  11. You get creative when it comes to fashion
  12. You separate feeling "fat" from feeling emotions that are real
  13. When you are fat in general
  14. People make a big deal out of complimenting your personality
  15. People make unfair assumptions about you and your lifestyle
  16. Health providers take your concerns less seriously because they assume your fat causes all your problems
    I've had everything from strep throat to kidney infections initially waved off as a symptom of my fat
  17. When you are confident
  18. All sorts of dope people become attracted to you
  19. Life in general is much happier