i.e. long after I've passed, feel free to attribute these quotes to me in your email signature
  1. "I never expected my life to be easy, but I definitely expected my eating red meat to be less of an issue." - April K. Quioh
  2. "My mother was wrong about alot of things, including her insistance that 'asians love zippers.'" - April K. Quioh
  3. "If I end up marrying a white guy, just know that he spit some serious game." - April K. Quioh
  4. "Being on your period is like getting a job offer; when it happens to you, EVERYONE should know about it." - April K. Quioh
  5. "I always feel bad for you, Lauren. ALWAYS." - April K. Quioh
    Okay fine this was heidi montag
  7. "My father was a lot of things that I never was; useless, not shit, and a casual supporter of Rachel Dolezal." - April K. Quioh
  8. "Bring it On is an intricate masterpiece about cultural appropiation. Watch it again." - April K. Quioh
  9. "Do your best to ignore Mary J. Blige." - April K. Quioh
  10. "If I close my eyes and think of my special place, I can almost convince myself that season 7 of Gilmore Girls never happened."- April K. Quioh
  11. "My grandma says I'm fat as hell and you know what? She's right." - April K. Quioh
  12. "It was Berenstein." - April K. Quioh
  13. Lol this is ridiculous im sry guys