It's only Thursday
  1. Record my very white Professor enthustiscally try to pronounce words in Japanese
    Its just like that SNL sketch
  2. At least three passive agressive emails
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    Is it clear that I do not fucking trust her
  3. Tell my grandma I was doing homework to get off the phone when really I was on the North West tag on Tumblr
  4. The TSA agent asked if I had any lotion in my carry on and I said no but I did and it was a full size Clinique so I wrapped it in panties and it went undetected
  5. Throw away my roommates half-full box of "VitaTops" because she threw away my spinach and thought I wouldn't notice
  6. Uber to my work study job a mile away
  7. Skip class to watch "Iyanla: Fix My Life"
  8. Show this picture of my grandma to everyone I could
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