Television writers seem to have a deep seated fear of Airbnb.
  1. Elementary-"A Study in Charlotte"
    Sherlock and Joan confront a disgruntled neighbor (guest star Richard Kind lol) who has listed his place on a version of Airbnb for hardcore party throwers in need of a venue. The constant noise from these parties is disruptive. One renter even starts a fire. Kind's character argues that Sherlock and Joan are just as noisy & terrible neighbors, which is why he moved out. Joan apologizes w/ literal honey, Kind agrees to return. Moral of the story: it's impossible to stay mad at Lucy Liu.
  2. Broad City-"B&B NYC"
    Abbi and Ilana both Airbnb their respective apartments to make some extra spending money. Abbi's renter is a young Frenchman who flatters her by calling her a "romantic." Abbi thinks this might be the beginning of an epic love story. They text back and forth all night—when in fact he is robbing her. Ilanas's renters are international tourists, transaction uneventful. Moral of the story: always suspect white men.
  3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt-"Kimmy Drives a Car!"
    Titus decides to Airbnb his and Kimmy's place; renters wind up being obnoxious hipsters. Hipsters marvel at the neighborhood's "authenticity," mistake Kimmy for a prostitute (for the fourth or fifth time in the series). Titus, posing as a hipster himself, tricks them into thinking the neighborhood has already been "discovered." (Cue Armisen's "THIS BAR IS OVER!!!") Moral of the story: beat hipsters at their own game; it's almost too easy.
  4. Bottom line: don't rent your place out through Airbnb!!