Every time I travel abroad, I just appreciate Seattle more. My beloved city. 🏙💕
  1. Bookish Culture
    The city of readers! 🤓 Seattle is one of the most highly educated cities in the nation so pretty much all the big names come to town: Ta-Nehisi Coates, Tracy Kidder (pictured with UW Vice Provost/Dean Ed Taylor). And a couple of my faves have been Diana Abu-Jaber (author) and Uchechi Kalu (poet). Malala is coming to speak next month! I love being able to meet some of my favorite authors and to hear them wax philosophical about the writing process.
  2. Coffee Culture on Overdrive
    As someone who appreciates and sometimes prefers weak ass breakfast blends, Seattle's ability to make coffee increasingly complicated AND expensive is endlessly amusing to me. Case in point: Starbucks "Reserve Roastery" aka What A Racket. One thing's for sure, there's no shortage of quirky-named, locally-owned cafés on every damn block: Fat Duck's, the Ugly Mug, Fresh Flours. Pick ur poison lmao. 🎶living in a hipsters' paradise🎶
  3. Obnoxious Loudmouth Biking Culture
    When there's standing room only at a protest at City Hall for "bikers' rights" because Council is not implementing a $250 MILLION 'Bicycle Master Plan' quickly enough ( Smh, I bike commute most days but come on guys, chill. 🚴🏻😩
  4. Preachy Environmentalist Culture
    TFW the city ordinance to randomly search people's garbage to make sure they're composting correctly and fine them if they're is not RULED UNCONSTITUTIONAL ( TFW garbage cans on the street are somehow solar-powered??? gd overachievers...
  5. Politically Correct af culture
    Even the piroshki place on 3rd avenue knows what is up.
  6. Same with Taco Time
  7. I ❤️ SEA