it's baffling to me that it's july already (& that the month is halfway done...). holy cow. here are some things i've enjoyed over the past six months. i wrote a longer piece over on my blog which you can read here: (SHAMELESS PLUG http://sewingcircles.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/none-of-them-really-wanted-to-listen-to.html?m=1)
  1. BOOKS 📚
  2. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon
    i'm SO glad i finally read this, for the benefit of my friend vix (whose favourite book this is) and seth cohen (because i've finally made my way through that starter pack).
  3. The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair by Joel Dicker
    this divided me and my friends- i loved it; total unreliable narrator vibe and reminded me in parts of 'lolita' with an extra crimey twist.
  4. All Involved by Ryan Gattis
    this took me by complete surprise. completely compelling, and an interesting (fictional) look at gangs taking advantage of the LA riots.
  5. A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara
    this is probably going to be the best thing i read all year and here i am, professing my love via tote bag. i wrote a list about it here: i just finished reading 'a little life': now what am i supposed to do?
  6. The Secret History by Donna Tartt
    i finished this a few days ago and absolutely adored it. i'm currently feeling a little bereft that i don't have any more donna to read so if anyone has any recommendations, send 'em my way.
  7. The Vegetarian by Han Kang
    i finished this in around 24 hours and it's one of the most intriguing, unsettling and evocative books i've read in a while.
  8. TV 📺
  9. Girls (season five)
    i ADORED this season of girls, a surprise to me seeing as i'd found season four a total slog. i could have happily watched this two or three times over.
  10. The Mindy Project (season four)
    i love mindy but didn't love season three for a variety of reasons. that said, season four was SO great and so fun. i'm already looking forward to season five!
  11. New Girl (season five)
    i caught up with season four in a hurry (i'd fallen behind) and went straight into season five. total fun, nothing more, nothing less. i love these characters and could watch them for HOURS (see: AN ODE TO NICK MILLER)
  12. The Americans (season one)
    i'd always felt this show would be something i knew i should watch but never would, so i'm pleased we made the jump. HOLY SHIT. very very obsessed and filling the serious drama void that had opened up in my life since 'mad men' left the building.
  13. Unreal (season one/two)
    i finished season 1 in the space of a few days and i'm catching up with season 2 thus far. i'm enjoying it when i thought i wouldn't, at all; i've watched reality TV but never seen an ep of the I bachelor but the whole manipulation by producers thing is so interesting to me.
  14. OITNB (season four)
    i was so bored by season three so this new one has been a total return to form for me. i'm only six eps deep but i'm having to pace myself from bingeing on it- i'm totally dragging it out.
  15. MUSIC 💽
  16. Basement- 'Promise Everything'
    local heroes <3 perfect for anyone into mid 90s emo/indie throwbacks. such a pleasure seeing these guys go from strength to strength.
  17. Into It Over It- 'Standards'
    one of my favourite people releases yet another perfect collection of songs. 'old lace & Ivory' kills me.
  18. Radiohead- 'A Moon Shaped Pool'
    an album i didn't know I needed until it appeared.
  19. Beyonce- 'Lemonade'
  20. Mistki- 'Puberty 2'
    this totally came outta nowhere for me and i am so obsessed.
  21. Tegan & Sara- 'Love You To Death'
    love love love love this. saw them a few weeks ago for the second time and it was GLORIOUS.
  22. MOVIES 📽
  23. Spotlight
    maybe the best movie i'll see this year...?
  24. High Rise
    if you hated this, please explain to me why, because it felt like such a perfect adaptation. shame the hiddleston ship has sailed...
  25. The Witch
    never not thinking about black phillip.
  26. Zootropolis
    one of the best movies about race and diversity this year is an animated picture by Disney.
  27. Everybody Wants Some!!
    an ideal scenario for me would be watching this and dazed & confused back to back in an drive-in theatre, in the height of the summer.
  28. Green Room
    if you know anyone into punk, or in a punk band, this one's for you. maybe don't see it if any of those people are going on tour anytime soon though.