for a while i put together multiple lists of songs i was obsessing over, but i thought i'd ~mix things up~ and each week list an album i've had on heavy rotation over the past 7 days. it could be new, it could be old but as records now get released on fridays (so weird to me), i'll post a reflective of whatever has caught my ear the week before...
  1. swet shop boys- 'cashmere'
    this came out on friday 14th october and i've listened to it non-stop since it appeared on spotify. it's SO great.
  2. the group consists of riz ahmed (most recently in 'the night of'), heems (formerly of das racist) & producer redino.
    ....and the record itself was apparently recorded in london in the space of 5 days.
  3. there's some lyrical gold on this record
    the album is, amongst other things, an account of what it means to be of asian descent in a post 9/11 world, with both heems & riz pulling no punches when it comes to their witty & honest lyrics. this atlantic piece gives a nice overview:
  4. song i've had on repeat: 'T5'
    & 'tiger hologram', but the album opener throws you head first into the theme of the record.
  5. while you're here, go read this:
    riz wrote an essay for a recently published collection entitled 'the good immigrant', his contribution of which was posted on the guardian: - it's one of the best things i've read in a while.