i'm keeping a "pop culture" diary to chart everything i'm watching/reading/listening to this year, so here's a version 😎
  1. JANUARY '17
  2. top albums (according to lastfm)
    AFI ARE BACK, MY INNER BABY GOTH IS SO HAPPY. the mica levi score to jackie slays me. my husband's overplaying of lifetime kicked migos out of this top 5- thanks, babe.
  3. top tracks (according to lastfm)
    ricky baker you are now 13 years old...
  4. top artists (according to lastfm)
    i've felt sad a lot this month hence sufjan.
  5. books i started & finished
    someone needs to read tony & susan soon because i want to talk about it with other people who enjoyed tom ford's nocturnal animals. it's SO interesting.
  6. best movie i saw this month:
    i watched 15 movies in january but nothing captured my heart as much as la la land. you can see my full film list here: MOVIES 2017: january
  7. TV: finished & on-going
    my husband had never seen 'freaks and geeks' before, so we starred rewatching around christmas & finished it this month. it was such a great rewatch for me and still totally holds up as one of the greatest shows of all time.
  8. we're currently binge-watching this before netflix UK removes it in march. i'd tried in the past but we re-started and it's filling the void left by parks & rec, 30 rock et al. it's also a lot funnier than i remember it being. troy & abed! cool cool cool.
  9. january GOAT:
    not the point of the women's marches at all but THANKS FOR EXISTING JACOB.
  10. FEBRUARY '17
  11. top albums (according to lastfm)
    still rinsing that new AFI record, but mostly preoccupied with gambino; we've been watching a lot of community so our household has been on a real donald glover trip. that syd record is brilliant and i'm pretty sure those rihanna plays are just me listening to work on a loop (still).
  12. top tracks (according to lastfm)
    i'll be right by your side, til 3005, hold up.
  13. top artists (according to lastfm)
    isn't that photo of donald glover just the most wonderful thing you've ever seen?
  14. books i started & finished
    the megan bradbury was a slog but worth it in the end, little deaths was such a letdown, but those saunders' collections are wonderful. one week til lincoln in the bardo gets released here!
  15. TV: finished & on-going
    as with last month, we've been working our way through community and finished seasons 2 & 3; i really do adore this show, and it's a lot funnier than i ever thought it would (or could!) be.
  16. other things: season six of girls, season five of the mindy project
    i'm exceedingly pleased these are back in my life for a little while. the mindy episode with adam pally at the batmitzvah killed me, and girls is just mirroring various aspects of my own friendships so that's...great.
  17. podcasts i've been enjoying
    in the space of one month, i've listened to 35 back episodes of this pod. insane. i really enjoy how conversational and laid back karen and georgia's manner is and i of course love the grisly murder aspect; as someone with a total penchant for wikipedia deep diving on crime, this is my dream.
  18. nerdiest pop culture related thing i did this month:
    one of my friends and i got matching lispenard street tattoos, an ode to hanya yanagihara's incredible book, a little life. she saw and liked, then commented on these on instagram, so part of me died a little. i wrote about the book here: i just finished reading 'a little life': now what am i supposed to do?
  19. february GOAT:
    when asked what his 'no!' pin was in reference to, perhaps a political movement or in solidarity with something or someone, he told reporters it just means no. NOPE. we're one and the same, mike.
  20. MARCH '17
  21. top albums (according to lastfm)
    unsurprisingly, i've had 'more life' on rotation, followed by rihanna's 'anti'. if you haven't heard spook school, check them out too.
  22. top tracks (according to lastfm)
    i discovered this month that one of my very best friends has NEVER heard 'work'. how is that even possible?! loved the use of 'desperado' in this season of girls and last weekend i kept replaying 'the heart part 4' in great anticipation of kendrick's new record.
  23. top artists (according to lastfm)
    a perfect encapsulation of my aesthetic tbf.
  24. best movie i saw this month
    a list of everything i saw in march is here: MOVIES 2017: march - so far this year, i've seen 30 movies which is pretty good going i think. it's a tough call to pick which is was best this month- both 'logan' and 'get out' took me by total surprise and were far better than i'd anticipated but '20th century women' really did knock me for six (& inspired me to write about my mum-
  25. books i started & finished
    'lincoln in the bardo' took up a lot of my time, mostly because i was gushing about george saunders too much to focus on anything else. it's great, please read it.
  26. TV: finished and ongoing
    'love' returned to netflix and i've nearly finished season 2- i still flit between disliking gus and mickey or absolutely loving them but i think that's the point, really.
  27. 'girls'
    i could sit for hours and discuss the visuals in episode 3 but more generally: this season has been very good and i'm excited to see where it finishes.
  28. march GOAT
    this promotional tour for 'life' has a) been glorious, b) forced me to reassess my position on hating ryan reynolds with the fire of 1000 suns, c) taken my love for jake to dizzying new heights. well played, guys- your film may have been so so but your double act has provided me with hours of youtube video content to pour over so thanks for that 👏🏻