my office was today rocked by the revelation that one of our team thought al pacino and robert de niro were THE SAME PERSON. i turned to my old pal google to prove otherwise and from curating this list i concluded: nothing after 1983.
  1. serpico
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    he's on a total yung springsteen vibe. extra points for resembling a member of a 2000s indie band on multiple occasions. this is his best film.
  2. dog day afternoon
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    the level of stress and perspiration he experiences in this really works for him (and apparently me?)
  3. the godfather
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    part one because FULL DISCLOSURE: i have not seen parts two and three.
  4. scarface
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    i wasn't going to add this to the list and then i remembered a) this black shirt and b) the hawaiin shirt he has for a while. the potential threat of danger here is also marginally appealing, i guess?
  5. scarecrow
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    he also rocks a beanie hat in this which is 💯. maybe it's just pacino in hats i like? potential idea for another list.
  6. that's it.
    have you checked his filmography? this was an eye-opening exercise. he has been in a bunch of bad films, many of which i have apparently seen 😳