this list is mostly to shame myself into NOT carrying everything in the world round with me on a daily basis (chronic shoulder ache, i see you, metaphorical weight of the world, i see you too). also, i love seeing what other people have in their bags so feel free to do your own (please)
  1. this is my bag
    the day this tote dies, darkness will descend upon my household. purchased on my honeymoon roadtrip in 2014. once filled with vinyl, it now contains a lot of junk.
  2. and here's what's currently inside...
    (not featuring my iPhone charger, which is what i was searching for when i began)
  3. ms marvel volumes 3 & 4
    suuuuuuper excited to catch up with these.
  4. iPad
    for work, forever living in fear i'm going to break it and owe my office £££.
  5. my staff pass
    featuring gryffindor lanyard which is a total trick because pottermore actually sorted me into hufflepuff (i'm very in denial about this)
  6. a bottle of ginger beer
    a new plot twist is that i keep getting travel sick. today i took a car and bus journey for work so i wanted to keep the barfs at bay. this helps!
  7. the vegetarian by han kang
    super trippy. i'm now 1/4 way through and the food references keep making me feel hungry? so that's weird.
  8. my diary & a notebook
    moleskine til i die, yo.
  9. a huge can of hairspray
  10. a compact umbrella
    i'm british, these are issued at birth.
  11. my wallet
    not pictured: moths, cobwebs, money.
  12. keys
    multiple keyrings, self defense cat, and a heart carabiner.
  13. sunglasses
    wishful thinking.
  14. an assortment of pens
    ....which are never around when i need them.
  15. snacks
    my personal brand in two items.
  16. spectacles
    for reading and using the computer and increasing my overall librarian vibe by 50%
  17. makeup and medicine
    three lipsticks because you never know what shade you'll be in.
  18. bullet journal & pens
    this has legit increased my productivity recently. i can highly recommend the process.
  19. my old iPhone now being used as an iPod
    apple music, spotify, podcasts a-go-go.
  20. a beanie hat
    ...with sick taylor swift patch because who doesn't like the name of pop acts created in a sludge-band style. i have another hat with a justin timberlake thrash band logo on.
  21. force awakens trading cards
    just in case any of the above led you to believe i was an actual functional adult.