i thought my make-up routine was SUPER BASIC & MINIMAL in comparison to some tutorials i'd watched recently but seeing this written down, maybe it isn't?! idk. this is what i use:
  1. lush tea tree water spray
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    i started using this toner a month ago on a whim & it has greatly improved my skin. in the morning i use it post face-wash pre moisteriser, & in the evening, i use it before bed after i've removed my make up and cleansed.
  2. superdrug brightening day cream
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    superdrug are great because a lot of their own-brand products are vegan! this has a spf in it and is the only thing i've found that works for my combination skin.
  3. b. prepared make-up primer
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    i'm constantly in search of a primer that works 100% but this is my current favourite.
  4. illamasqua skin base, sb6
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    i'm OBSESSED with this foundation- the coverage is fairly medium but can be built up if needed. i don't need to use a concealer with it, and it lasts really well too. i started using it last summer before my wedding and haven't looked back. definitely worth the ££. this shade is a yellow undertone with pink apparently.
  5. urban decay primer potion
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    again, this was a wedding recommendation (i had to step my game up pre-nuptials as i wanted to do my own make-up). this makes everything (shadows, eyeliner) last all day. i also use it to prime my brows as well as my lids. they recently changed the packaging and now there is an applicator which i both like and loathe.
  6. eyes- mac studio fix powder plus foundation nw20
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    i used to use this as powder over another sheer foundation, but i now use it as a neutral lid-colour every day; this started as laziness because i'd run out of my previous shadow, but it actually works really well and is obviously a great neutral shade that matches my skin tone.
  7. eyes- urban decay naked 2
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    i don't ever do anything too flashy or elaborate; this was purchased again for my wedding last summer, but i love all of the shades as they're my favourite kind of neutrals. i tend to use this primarily if i'm going out or want something different to my usual "daily" eye look- i'm big into suspect, chopper and half baked as crease colours in particular.
  8. eyes- kat von d tattoo liner
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    in shade 'hemingway': this is the only liquid liner i've ever had success with, in terms of both staying power and longevity. the KVD range overall is so good, and extra special because we can't get it here in the UK so i usually only stock up when in the states.
  9. eyes- sephora contour eye pencils
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    i picked these up in luxembourg a few months ago (we don't have sephora in the UK). i have 3 shades- cappuccino, cocoa, and deep brown, and usually go between these three. i don't feel like black eye-liners or kohls tend to work for me so i tend to avoid, and i mostly just use these to line my top lid as i can't do cat-eye very well. they're super easy to work with, they last, & they're waterproof. they're super similar to the urban decay pencils but a bit cheaper.
  10. eyes- urban decay perversion mascara
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    and subversion primer- this is the BEST mascara i have ever used.
  11. brows- rimmel london brow this way
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    my hair is brown but my brows are fairly blonde- this never used to bother me, but i began to fill them in a few years ago. this wax & powder is great, and not too overbearing.
  12. blush/highlight- MUA in bon bon, collection speedy highlighter &/or benefit girl meets pearl
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    blush plus the other two in rotation. the speedy highlighter is a new one for me and is great because it's in a stick so it's quick to apply & blend out.
  13. urban decay de-slick powder mattifying powder/all nighter setting spray
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    the holy grail
  14. lipstick, always lipstick
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    i feel so weird without it which is a stark contrast to how it used to feel weird to wear it. anyway- favourites include kat von d's studded kiss range (lolita & bachelorette), her liquid lipstick in berlin, then also mac's craving and most recently barry m's 171 which is a great dupe for that mac shade and 1/3 of the price.
  15. that's me!
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    if only i had this much concern for my general appearance- i still dress like a hobo.