things i've not seen before, new & old 🎞
  1. war on everyone (2016)
    the best thing about this was the brownie i ate halfway through and the 20 minute conversation i had with my husband trying to figure out why alexander skarsgard walks with such a hunch. so boring and such a letdown- wanted to love it but didn't, at all.
  2. wonder woman (2017)
    sort of hard to remember when i started crying and when i stopped; i had zero expectations for this other than hoping it wouldn't be total shit and patty jenkins came through for me; if seeing a female superhero as the protagonist totally hold her own and show men who's really in charge hit me in my 29 year old feels, god knows how a girl growing up is going to emerge from this- hopefully wanting to take on the whole world.
  3. just my luck (2006)
    i've been on a chris pine trip since WW and this has been on my netflix list for LITERALLY YEARS. it's not the worst teen movie i've ever seen but it wasn't the best; it was a nice way to kill 2 hours on a sunday morning. i guess the biggest joke really was that mcfly would ever be that popular in the US...😏