inspired by @ListPrompts 👏🏻- this was way harder than i anticipated. who knew i was such a complex cookie to decode?
  1. vegan
    as much as it pains me to admit, this is obviously integral to who i am, especially as it dictates a large chunk of what i do (& eat & wear & buy)
  2. wife
    i am a married human being. even if i still feel like i'm 15 & not an adult.
  3. book-nerd
    in place of 'bibliophile', which makes me cringe a little. i work for library services, i have two literature-oriented degrees. books make me who i am
  4. worrier
    my G.A.D got me like 😖😔🙁😐😑😶
  5. procrastinator
    always finding ways to not do something, especially if it's causing great stress. it's taken me three hours to write this list.