i started to cut down on dairy in 2007(ish) when i realised it made me kind of sick, i went veggie in 2009 and then went full vegan in 2010. these are the foods i commonly dream about when lamenting my dietary decision. fellow veganz, feel free to add your shouts- i want to know what you miss!
  1. meringue/pavlova
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    the holy fucking grail, i dream of eating pavlova at least once a week. seeing a pavolva is excruciating. if i ever stop being vegan, it will be because someone has decided to make the world's biggest pavolva and serve it on my street.
  2. egg sandwiches
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    in the month before i went vegan, i ate eggs at an alarming rate. egg mayo, i miss u.
  3. cheesecake (baked)
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    white chocolate cheesecake especially.
  4. pop tarts
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    chocolate frosted. now i just buy them as gifts for @vixvixvix.
  5. york peppermint patties
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    from the freezer.
  6. m&s chocolate swiss rolls
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    especially the chocolate covered ones.
  7. mars ice cream bars
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    see also: twix ice cream bars. see also again: mars bars, period.
  8. every single flavour of Ben & Jerrys
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    i want to eat my bodyweight in chocolate fudge brownie. there are so many flavours of this that I never got to experience.
  9. pizza, really greasy NYC pizza
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    please do not step to me and explain how there are great vegan cheeses available. i KNOW. i regularly eat good vegan pizza! it's just that....nothing is ever as good as real cheese. i think i miss NYC pizza the most because of the mythical status it has in my brain. i went vegan the day after coming home from a trip to NYC in 2010 & i'm haunted by the foods i ate on that trip.