what happens when you spend months in denial about wanting to see the goddamn film in the first place.
  1. it's 8.30am
    no-one will even be thinking about this right now so purchasing these will be a breeze and in no way impact upon my work schedule for the day.
  2. it's 9.30am
    why have i been refreshing this browser for an hour? why did i volunteer to do this in the first place? do i even care that much? i definitely don't care that much. i am being such a good friend right now.
  3. it's 10.30am
    i've really done nothing but perpetuate the idea that i'm not taking my job seriously at the moment, huh? how can i pass this off as being an important social media task appropriate to our office?
  4. it's 11.30am
  5. 11.45am
    "you have successfully purchased 4 tickets for the 00.01am screening on 17/12/15..." 🎉
  6. see you in two months, force awakens!
    can't wait to spend the whole screening complaining about how tired i am 😎