thank you @nathanveshecco for what is my FIRST LIST REQUEST, EVER. this game rules. here are some hot takes from me:
  1. UNDER: the west wing
    full disclosure: i've only ever watched one episode of this show (loved it though!) & it's on my hypothetical maternity leave watch list (deets: TV SHOWS I PLAN TO WATCH WHEN I GIVE BIRTH TO HUMAN LIFE) that said- i feel like this show is massively underrated in my social circle and maybe we missed the jump on it? it's a cultural moment i was never part of and i'm bummed.
  2. OVER: bruno mars
    'uptown funk' is great but a while ago i had a theory that all his songs are just about being cock-blocked (locked out of heaven is one big vagina metaphor IMO), and accordingly, he seems a little smug.
  3. UNDER: naps
    honestly, the worst part about my daily life as an adult is that i cannot take a nap in the middle of the day. i wish naps could be integrated into office life in the same way that they are for kids in daycare. NAPS FOR EVERYONE.
  4. OVER: tofu
    i'm vegan so all my diet is plant-based but one of the biggest misconceptions about my lifestyle is that all i eat is tofu. that's not true! it's 2016. i eat a whole bunch of things, beyond tofu. have you heard of seitan? and tempeh? and making cheese from cashew nuts? think bigger, you guys!
  5. UNDER: the smiths
    there isn't a middle option and the smiths will NEVER BE OVERRATED. the first thing i did this morning before i had to head to work in the wake of the EU ref result is put on the smiths. no band has ever felt more relevant to me in the current climate. morrissey, you say flagrant things but your lyrics complete me.