1. ryan adams
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    would make the best/worst boyfriend ever. likely to write a passive aggressive record about your relationship. likes cats and danzig. once acknowledged my existence via twitter during a particularly tense period of academic study. my forever #1
  2. ryan gosling
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    the only reason he's not number one is because i'm personally hurt by his self-imposed hiatus.
  3. ryan atwood
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    chino's finest, the only person for whom a white vest is a viable wardrobe choice.
  4. ryan howard
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  5. ryan reynolds
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    this one goes out to anyone who watched 'two guys, a girl, and a pizza place' because for me, he will always be berg.
  6. ryan phillipe
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    included for his outstanding contribution to teen movies.
  7. ryan giggs
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    seminal british footballer and 90s heartthrob. hot dad vibe.
  8. ryan lewis
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    'thrift store' is super catchy.
  9. ryan kwanten
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    for being vinnie in 'neighbours' and that guy on true blood.
  10. meg ryan
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    i mean, it'd have been remiss to disregard her contributions to romantic comedies.