❤️ from a brit in disbelief 💙
  1. hey america...
  2. i'm sorry you're hurting
    this wasn't my election, but as a human being and resident of planet earth, my heart aches for every single person whose quality of life is now at stake under a trump administration. i cannot begin to comprehend how letdown you feel, how absolutely terrifying it must be knowing the decisions made by him are going to impact on how you live your lives. some of the thoughts shared by my US friends on social platforms since tuesday/wednesday have been utterly, utterly heartbreaking.
  3. i'm sorry you're angry
    i'm angry too. i'd be angry with you, on the streets, if i could. i keep working out how to do my part over here, i keep reading and watching everything i can to understand. i haven't stopped thinking about the result since it happened- this feels like brexit on an unfathomable, incomprehensible scale.
  4. please keep writing, please keep shouting, please keep speaking out
    i want to hear how you are, how you're going to work toward change, how you're going to act against everything thrown at you. i'll support you anyway i can. some of the positivity i've seen online already has astounded me- you got knocked down and now some of you are already getting back up with gusto. i applaud that. for those that aren't ready yet, we're fine waiting. we'll be here ready to listen when you are.
  5. i took this photo in september '08
    i was in san francisco and there were two months before that year's election. there was a palpable air of excitement about what could come by the time november rolled around, and it angers and saddens me that this week didn't see the same for you all.
  6. this isn't my battle, but i'm with you in solidarity
    ✊ keep shouting, the world is listening. make your voices louder than they've ever been before. we want to hear you. we NEED to hear you.