1. one of my colleagues, approximately 5 minutes before she left the office & during a conversation about a wedding, dropped the following truth bomb:
  2. "I don't believe in same-sex marriage"
  3. I was dumbfounded
    my face was the physical embodiment of these emojis: 😳😔😑😫😱😮😡
  4. I do not get on with this person particularly well
    ...for a number of reasons (which mostly come down to a personality clash i think) but this blew my mind.
  5. and through being GENUINELY SPEECHLESS I didn't respond
    because i didn't know how, because I'm lucky to operate in a bubble where it's rare that i have to encounter actual IRL ignorance such as this. I'm surrounded by people with whom i share the same world view so a lot of the time my exposure to such POVs occurs online (if that makes sense?). to have it happen in someplace I perceived to be "a safe space" was horrifying. my only reaction was WHAT THE FUCK & i didn't voice it.
  6. and now I wish I'd said something
    there were other people in my office at the time and we were all similarly baffled and horrified. no-one said anything. she left & we just didn't know what to say to one another. WHAT THE FUCK? the rest of us agreed that this was just...insane.
  7. because I still feel physically sick
    this happened at 4pm yesterday. it's 10.15am GMT. i talked with friends and my husband and i'm still uncomfortable with this truth nugget she let out.
  8. and I'm struggling to be around this awful person
    and now my workspace just feels kind of...gross? i felt as though i work with incredibly intelligent and liberal and open-minded human beings but this one person has just dumped all over our office. there's an air of negativity that has just lingered.
  9. but mostly: I don't know why would you say this out loud?
    because are you expecting the reaction to be one of agreement?! do you understand what you're saying? why are you sharing this with all of us- that you don't believe everyone deserves the same rights?
  10. just. idk.
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