i'm just going through a phase right now. volume 1: SONGS I AM CURRENTLY OBSESSED WITH (VOL. 1)
  1. leaving the city by joanna newsom
    i'm so beyond obsessed with 'divers'- the entire record is so beautiful that i don't think i've really listened to much else since i downloaded it last week. there's an ethereal kate bush vibe that seems so befitting of my autumn walks home from work 💘 it's hard to pick a favourite song but this is the one i keep coming back to. 1 minute 25 when it builds up...FEELINGS. i've come to her work late in the game so it's nice to experience an album drop as it happens for the first time.
  2. right hand by drake
    this is the type of song i'd like to hear played in a club when i'm rolling deep with all my friends. in reality, it's just something i've been listening to over and over on my way to work, in the cold.
  3. dragula by rob zombie
    because it was just halloween and this makes me feel like i'm in that weird nicholas cage movie 8mm, but without the snuff movies and/or other creepiness.
  4. monster by kanye west etc
    the etc including jay-z listing the shit out of all my halloween favourites PLUS nicki minaj completely destroying every other person on the song.
  5. i will follow you into the dark by death cab for cutie
    songs that nearly made it onto the playlist we made for our wedding guests to arrive to, but were cut for time. this came up on shuffle the other day and i fell apart- i've listened to it every day since.
  6. lucky star by madonna
    this is definitely my favourite madonna song, by a mile. i was re-listening to our wedding playlist recently (see above) and i heard this for the first time since we got married; it's now become a daily must. this would be my karaoke song if i actually had friends keen enough to engage in such antics.
  7. wolf like me by tv on the radio
    i was SO IN LOVE with 'return to cookie mountain' when i was at university and i when i heard this song last week (thanks spotify discover playlist), i remembered how catchy it was.
  8. alright by kendrick lamar
    there was another kendrick song in my last list; somehow i'd not seen the video for this song until a few weeks ago, when it was brought to my attention (watch it ASAP: http://youtu.be/Z-48u_uWMHY) anyway, it got me into another 'to pimp a butterfly' cycle, and i keep coming back to this song.
  9. i and love and you by the avett brothers
    totally late to the party i guess but this completely kills me.
  10. between the bars by elliot smith
    there's always at least one elliot smith song i'm infatuated with at any time. currently, it's this old favourite.