1. untouchable by pusha t
    i've only recently stopped my 10-times-a-day routine of listening to this song. i could describe at length the lines from this song i love the most (i.e. "my barcode is netflix narcos") but i implore you to listen yourself ASAP. so sick.
  2. black friday by kendrick lamar
    just assume by now that there is likely to be a kendrick song on each one of these lists. this dropped at the end of last month (ya figure)- see also, j cole's song of the same time. simultaneous releases with each rapper freestyling over one another's songs. i'm so here for this.
  3. venus fly by grimes
    i absolutely adore the new grimes LP- she's so interesting and i love how she seems to actively do something new with each release. this is my favourite song on 'art angels'.
  4. bodies by the smashing pumpkins
    'mellon collie....' is 20 this year! insane. I've been relistening to the record a lot lately and this song is one of my favourites and reminds me of the first time i got tattooed on a trip to copenhagen; i hadn't heard it since high school & i infinitely felt considerably more chill than i did went i walked in the studio door.
  5. banco popular by drug church
    the opening track on their new record, i finally caught these guys live this past weekend and was not disappointed. i could watch patrick kindlon conduct an audience forever- if you've ever seen this band, or his other outfit (self defense family) then you'll know.
  6. ride the wild haze by beach slang
    their full-length dropped a month or so ago, and i refer you to this review: https://t.co/VDTIgHLJ5D - this song is my favourite on the record for sure. total jawbreaker vibes which i adore.
  7. down in it by nine inch nails
    i've been jamming 'pretty hate machine' heavy the past week or so; on a recent car journey, a friend of mine revealed how much she hates this song which is hilarious because it's one of my favourites, even though trent's proto-rapping is kind of cringe.
  8. love on a real train by tangerine dream
    from the 'risky business' OST and most recently used on an episode of 'mr robot'; we picked up watching the latter recently & it triggered a deep voyage into tangerine dream's back catalogue. i hadn't realised how insanely vast their output was and how many of my favourite movies they'd been involved with.
  9. sorry by justin bieber
    like all of the world, i am a newly converted belieber.
  10. dream baby dream by suicide
    from the 'mistress america' OST- i've been vaguely trying to formulate my end of year lists so i ended up listening to this on the aforementioned soundtrack. it's 👌🏻 and makes me wish i could go running round new york with greta gerwig.
  11. gravel pit by wu tang clan
    i genuinely hadn't heard the uncensored version of this until a month ago?! jesus. 10+ years living in the dark.