i'm really into how my lists solely appear in the "recommended" section beneath my previous iterations of this 😎 here are the songs i've been continually coming back to over the past few weeks:
  1. daydreaming by radiohead
    from their newest record, 'a moon shaped pool'. when i've attempted to describe this to people, the only word that seems to make sense is "sick"- like utterly forlorn, sick to my stomach heartache, sick with longing, sick with sadness. it's already one of my favourites.
  2. ain't talkin' 'bout love by van halen
    i saw 'everybody wants some!!' recently and since then, this has been on hard rotation. that opening riff wails.
  3. consideration by rihanna
    a lot of ANTI is super hit and miss for me but i've been jamming this a crazy, crazy amount. maybe TOO much.
  4. that's not me by skepta
    UK grime king skepta released 'konnichiwa' a few weeks ago and this is my favourite song on the record.
  5. dead weight by white lung
    this band rule SO FUCKING MUCH. female driven heavy guitar bands are my bag and i'm enjoying their second full-length 'paradise' so much.
  6. last caress by misfits
    i can't believe danzig is joining them to play riot fest/i hate that i cannot go, etc.
  7. march of the pigs by nine inch nails
    last week marked two years since my best friends surprised me with guestlist to FINALLY see NIN during our trip to paris. it remains one of the best shows i've ever been to; trent reznor is a total god, & i've been listening to 'downward spiral' a bunch in recognition of that trip.
  8. dying to know by tegan & sara
  9. used for glue by rival schools
    the first time i heard this band, i was in high school, entirely unaware of frontman walter schreifels involvement in three other bands that would soon become important to my musical education (youth of today and gorilla biscuits and quicksand). the weather has been super good here lately and almost by default, i relistened to 'united by fate' for the first time in forever. summer time vibes.
  10. i woke up in a car by something corporate
    i had this in my head for three straight days last week so i'm going to assume my brain is encouraging me to fully regressing into my former teen self.
  11. your ex-lover is dead by stars
    i was writing something the other day and realised after about four paragraphs that i'd sort of just written the narrative to this song? so that's cool.
  12. just what i needed by the cars
    this weirdly reminds me of motion city soundtrack...i haven't ever invested a lot of time listening to the cars but i heard this on the radio the other day and was hooked.
  13. all the gold in california by nick cave & warren ellis
    love love love nick cave. apparently this was on the soundtrack of season 2 of 'true detective' but i guess i was more focused on fathoming out what the fuck was going on, so don't remember hearing it. thank u discover playlist for the surprise.
  14. holy mountain by sleep
    ironically this is also on a 'true detective' OST. it's ironic to me that i am continually baffled by stoner culture and yet LOVE sleep, one of the most stoner bands ever? idk. i thoroughly recommend listening to the album this features on, late at night, when you should be resting but definitely aren't.
  15. detroit rock city by kiss
    maybe my favourite kiss song? is it weird i have a favourite kiss song? is it okay to like kiss?
  16. tusk by fleetwood mac
    we started watching 'the americans' a few days ago and i LOVED the version of this used in season 1 opener.
  17. all we got by chance the rapper
    pretty much all of 'coloring book' could be on here really but this is such a great opening song, man.
  18. sea of love by the national
    **seeing my favourite band in one month klaxon**. i have a deep emotional attachment to 90% of the national's back catalogue and this is one of my favourites. IF I STAY HERE, TROUBLE WILL FIND ME, IF I STAY HERE, I'LL NEVER LEAVE.
  19. all the way up by fat joe ft remy ma, french montana & infared.
    are you there, summer? it's me, apryl.