thank you to @nantea for reminding me how much i loved assembling these lists! haven't done one for a while so here's a little backlog of musical numbers i've been overplaying.
  1. all about me by syd
    formerly of odd future, currently of the internet, syd's solo full-length dropped last week and i'm so caught up in it. i can't be bothered to make lazy musical comparisons but it's great and this is a stand-out track; just go listen to the whole thing!
  2. blood on me by sampha
    another record which came out last week, this is my favourite song from sampha's debut. absolutely worth checking out.
  3. drama never ends by 50 cent
    this is on the 'southpaw' OST, in which fiddy stars alongside my one true one, jake gyllenhaal. 50 cent is a totally not-in-any-way-guilty pleasure for me and this is a prime example of why i like listening to him: catchy as fuck.
  4. state of love and trust by pearl jam
    my husband and i have been together for nine years this year (married three- irrelevant but i'm not that old); in that time, i have campaigned for him to like various things including pearl jam. finally, after literal years, he heard a song by said band and admitted that yes, they do have some enjoyable tunes. since then i've been overplaying pearl jam's back cat & i'm pretty sure this is my favourite song by them (from the 'singles' OST).
  5. t-shirt by migos
    plus bad and boujee too, though i think this is catchier? idk. culture is such a great record and i'm enjoying this moment they're having.
  6. do you still love me? by ryan adams
    his new record is out next week! i'm excited.
  7. sunday morning by maroon 5
    stay with me on this- songs about jane is legitimately full of hits and it's also FIFTEEN YEARS OLD THIS YEAR. that's insane. i sing this around the house on a regular basis which i guess makes it one of my go-to karaoke jams? idk.
  8. two weeks by FKA twigs
    i was so obsessed with LP1 when it came out & i've been revisiting that record lately. this song gives me tingles.
  9. redbone by childish gambino
    donald damn glover.
  10. still a stranger by AFI
    afi released their tenth studio album last month; i'm a baby goth and they have been a big part of my life since i was 13. it's really great and this song is catchy as hell and i hope they tour here soon because it's been way too long since i've sung myself hoarse.
  11. hey kids by run the jewels ft. danny brown
    danny brown's atrocity exhibition was a surprise favourite of mine during the end of 2016 and i'm totally obsessed with RTJ3, so it's natural this would be the song i keep coming back to.
  12. touch me i'm going to scream part 2 by my morning jacket
    we watched 'demolition' over christmas and i love love loved the way they used this song on the soundtrack. i've never really care for their music before but i've since been back to give them a second chance; they're great.
  13. cranes in the sky by solange
  14. the new by interpol
    i scored tickets to (finally!) see interpol in london in september; they're doing special 15 year anniversary (!) celebration shows in honour of 'turn on the bright lights' and i'm so psyched. i'm fairly sure i'll be a mess throughout but especially during this- the guitar breakdown from 3 mins 13 just destroys me in a way i can't describe.
  15. consideration by rihanna
    anti blew my mind last year; i'd always liked rihanna but not in the way i've grown to in the last twelve months. this is SUCH a great album opener and it's always on a constant loop for me.
  16. another day of sun by the LA LA land cast
    unapologetically obsessed with this soundtrack; this is my 'walk to work, leave work' jam at the moment.
  17. let's get lifted by john legend
    related to the above, obviously. i forgot how damn great this record and this song are.
  18. drunk in love by beyoncé
    current bey go-to. surfbort.