i've been stuck in a school library overseeing their refurbishment & set-up. i've spent TOO much time staring at a computer screen, reacquainting myself with the dewey decimal system. the sole perk of being left to my own devices has been catching up with my @nerdist podcast backlog.
  1. connie britton
    I will NEVER tire of imagining scenarios in which I get to hang out with both her and rob zombie. see also: imagining some kind of FNL/house of 1000 corpses crossover. landry did it.
  2. owen wilson
    please just talk about nutrition and the internet, my two main interests.
  3. paul rudd
  4. jason segel
    1) I still have a mad crush on him, 2) I didn't know he went to rehab, 3) I want to be in a whatsapp conversation with him and jesse eisenberg
  5. sleater kinney
    I could literally listen to these guys talk FOR HOURS. bow down.
  6. shane west
    had no discernible feeling about him prior this but really liked his knowledge of 90s pop-punk.
  7. joseph gordon-levitt
    1) liked hearing him talk about snowden/surveillance in our modern world, 2) I liked his points about keeping his private life private
  8. chris pratt
    one hundred cat eye emojis, andy dwyer.
  9. andy samberg
    this was funny having watched his emmy's stuff not that long ago and deciphering what he did actually end up including.
  10. david wain
    I wish I had seen 'the state'.
  11. dexter holland
    1) I had NO idea he was working on AIDS research?!, 2) he is SO CALI, 3) can someone send me his hot sauce?
  12. john cusack
    1) I need to rewatch high fidelity, 2) I would like to be his passenger on a cross-country bike ride.
  13. rob lowe
    is just chris traeger irl.
  14. ben gibbard
    imagining him playing 'spiderland' to zooey deschanel is too much.
  15. workaholics
    ders > blake > kyle > adam
  16. jack antonoff
    this was a great listen as my anxiety has flared up again and things got super ~real~ hearing jack talk about his own experiences.
  17. elijah wood
    I wanna see him dj!
  18. diablo cody
    I still love jennifer's body SO much.
  19. jack black
    I loved that both he and paul rudd discussed how uncomfortable it is making your children watch your movies.
  20. oscar isaac
    please contact me directly to discuss the brilliance of oscar because I could wax lyrical about him. in short: 😍💘💯🙌🏻💋
  21. rob huebel & paul scheer
    1) why don't my friends watch the league? 2) or listen to 'how did this get made'?
  22. eli roth
    the idea that he bulked up for inglorious because he wanted to look good next to Brad Pitt is so good.
  23. benedict cumberbatch
    he got carjacked once?!
  24. robert rodriguez
    1) I admire how self-taught he is! 2) the faculty is still one of the sickest teen horror movies ever
  25. keanu reeves
    on a scale of one to ten, his voice is a cool 💯