Theresa May, the British Home Secretary, today announced plans to track the internet usage of UK citizens in an attempt to stop terrorism or something (deetz: here's an overview of the websites she'll find in my search history should she come knocking:
  1. google image search "oscar isaac"
    Eb51bc8f 51a5 459a 85a7 24050b1e46fd
    the amount of image searches i do daily is next-level. i would be very interested in seeing these statistics.
  2. how many calories in _____?
    because i'm conscientious and neurotic like that.
  3. the wikipedia episode pages of whichever tv show I am currently invested in
    especially if i'm trying to fathom out exactly what the fuck is going on.
  4. /
    just double checking everything's present and correct before i post cryptic couplets to twitter.
  5. is ____ vegan?
    the answer is usually no.
  6. webmd
    i spend A LOT of time diagnosing myself with things in advance of going to the doctor.
  7. grantland (RIP)
    until it was cruelly snatched away from me last weekend, i would usually have open multiple articles from grantland, which i probably meant to read about five days ago but got distracted.
  8. various websites showcasing cat poop
    my cat keeps eating at other people's houses and his poop is detrimentally affected by his dumb dietary decisions. also, who really knows what cat poop is supposed to look like?
  9. julian assange gifs
    the regularity with which i send @vixvixvix gifs of your favourite wikileaker is probably worrying to someone surveilling what kind of websites i'm visiting.
  10. multiple streaming sites so I can watch the US shows I love
    maybe i should actually be concerned.