I have, for a long time mentally compiled a list of TV shows I don't have the time to watch or catch-up with currently but will absolutely dedicate my attention to when I'm stuck at home with a baby. this is my "maternity leave watch list", as of now, all seasons, start to finish. got any suggestions? send 'em my way!
  1. the sopranos
    I know I'm late to the party on this. I know. why do you think it's top of this list? thanks to the Internet (& Alan Sepinwall's book) I know what happens in the final episode, but I'm still psyched to watch it...eventually.
  2. the west wing
    I love tv or movies which focus on American politics; I engage more with what's going on with the US's government more than my own (that says a lot about me). this show is something I meant to watch but never did, despite it starring SO many of my favourites.
  3. six feet under
    this is a rewatch technically, though I trailed off toward the end of season 3(?); I was also super young when I first watched it so feel like I need to revisit and finish it properly.
  4. curb your enthusiasm
    hey! I fucking love Seinfeld and think Larry David is a swell guy but FULL DISCLOSURE, I've only ever watched the first season of curb. this one is painful to admit because I know how good it is and that I need to watch it.
  5. star trek (all iterations)
    my husband is a star trek fan; I've never seen more than two episodes. for the sake of our hypothetical and non-existent child, I will finally watch this for him.