my friend & i recorded the first episode of our podcast last week, in my spare room using very professional microphones she borrowed from her day job. we talked for several hours about a bunch of pop culture topics, from upcoming movies to celebrity fan accounts on instagram. does that sound like your kind of thing? WELL:
  1. it's called THE THIRST
    we kept coming back to this name, no matter how many others we tried. this speaks volumes i guess. always go with your gut!
  2. we're hoping the first ep will be up for download at the end of this week
    it'll be on soundcloud ( and HOPEFULLY itunes too.
  3. in the mean time, you should follow us on TWITTER for updates:
    and memes and gifs and other useful tidbits.
  4. thanks in advance for your support, fellow list-appers
    u guys r gr8 💘
  6. hey, our first episode is available NOW!!!
  7. in it we talk:
    what we've been listening to/reading/watching, some pop culture news, a deep dive into instagram fan accounts, tom hardy on children's television AND hollywood bromances.
  8. we're on itunes: search 'the thirst'
  9. soundcloud: .com/thethirstpod
  10. rate, review, subscribe, tell all yr friends
  11. ps. listen with both headphones