Found in the chambers of the honorable 17th century Magistrate John Hawthorne next to a list of non-sexual ways to churn butter.
  1. Accused: Mary Walcott (by John Abramson)
    My boy spied her in the woods, dancing in the moonlight and speaking to spirits. A true witch if ever saw one.
  2. Accused: Violet Cunningham (by Abigail Lawrence)
    I lent her my favorite boiling pot and she hath never returned it! She probably uses it to brew evil potions.
  3. Accused: Margaret Clark (by Reverend Cotton Mather)
    She hath not attended worship in over a fortnight. Clearly she is lost from the light of our Lord!
  4. Accused: Abigail Lawrence (by Violet Cunningham)
    Her boiling pot? Twas I that lent it to her in the first place! I merely retrieved what was rightfully mine! She talks to frogs!
  5. Accused: Abigail Lawrence (by Rachel Danvers)
    I also saw her talking to frogs.
  6. Accused: Rachel Danvers (by Abigail Lawrence)
    Oh nice, Rachel! Doth thou always do what Violet tells thee to? Do I hath a lot of frogs? Yes, alright. Doth that maketh me a witch? No. Rachel Danvers has devil wings under her frock.
  7. Accused: No One (by Rachel Danvers)
    I don't want to be part of this anymore.
  8. Accused: Rachel Danvers (by Abigail Lawrence)
    Oh, thou art IN this now, Rachel. Thou shan't torment us with thy witchcraft anymore! And thou canst forget coming to book club this month. Twas a great one too: The Bible.
  9. Accused: Mary Walcott (by John Abramson)
    My boy came crying for me in the middle of the night. He said that Goody Walcott had come to his bed and threatened to bake him in a stew. When I went to his room I found footprints and a shall. She is a danger to us all!
  10. Accused: Abigail Lawrence (by Violet Cunningham)
    Abigail Lawrence cannot tolerate direct sunlight! It turns her to stone. Pray, have any of you actually seen Abigail out during the day? And if thou hast, thou art also a witch! Prove me wrong!
  11. Accused: Violet Cunningham (by Abigail Lawrence)
    God dammit, Violet! Thou knows I sunburn easily given my pale complexion.
  12. Accused: Abigail Lawrence (by Everyone)
    She doth taketh the Lord's name in vain. Dead giveaway.
  13. Accused: No One (by Abigail Lawrence)
    What? Me? Taketh the Lord's name in vain? Surely thou misheard me. I said, "God CO-mmit!" As in give thy selves fully to the Lord! Oh God, oh God, oh God...
  14. Accused: Abigail Lawrence (by Everyone)
    Get her! Burn he at the stake! Hang her from the church steeple! Send the creature back to Hell!
  15. Accused: Sally Adams (by Gregory Adams)
    She doth snore at night. The music of Satan!