Found crumpled and charred in the fireplace of Hillary Rodham Clinton
  1. 10. Steve
    A hard working kid with good values and a true love of government. Genuine asset to the staff.
  2. 9. Bill
    We had the same first name! Also, he never messed up a coffee order. I don’t drink coffee because I always have just the right amount of energy, but that’s still pretty impressive.
  3. 8. Abraham
    Whenever I saw Abe, I would yell “Aaaaaaaaaaaaabe” like I was the Fonz! Not sure he appreciated it, but it was a fun part of my day.
  4. 7. Harry
    If I passed Harry in the hall and said the words “Executive Order,” 30 minutes later he’d bring me a Big Mac and large fries. That’s how you get ahead in politics.
  5. 6. Max
    Followed instructions to a T and clearly had a passion for policy. I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see him on the Supreme Court someday.
  6. 5. Allan
    Allan could walk and talk with the best of them. Was really amazing at handing you just the right folder the moment you needed it.
  7. 4. Dimitri
    Our token foreign intern. Was a good guy to have standing in the room for the sake of pictures.
  8. 3. Lance
    Not much of a worker, but we used to talk baseball. This kid was like a goddamn sports almanac. It was amazing.
  9. 2. Monica
  10. 1. Connor
    Connor was the best! Getting bagels in the morning, leading White House tours, keeping secrets, he did it all! Just a real cool dude.