"My Very Ambitious List Of Things To Accomplish As President" By William Henry Harrison

Written in parchment in 1841 and found by President John Tyler on a gently used Oval Office desk.
  1. Reverse the spoils system and curb the electioneering that has grown rampant in Congress.
  2. Issue a national paper currency and balance budget.
  3. Strengthen Navy.
  4. Travel to all states within first 30 days of Presidency.
  5. Eradicate slavery now before it becomes a whole states rights thing.
  6. Clarify any and all ambiguities in the Constitution.
  7. Let anyone vote, really.
  8. Solidify infrastructure. Also, highway system?
  9. Connect with the common man and acquire the nickname "Smilin' Willie."
  10. Impose term limits, so I'm not tempted to just keep running.
  11. "Fireside chats." Not sure how we will do this, but I like the name.
  12. Appoint the first black and/or female Supreme Court Justice.
  13. Trains for everyone.
  14. Find alternatives to foreign oil, whatever that is.
  15. Add something to constitution that lets everyone know how ok we are with marijuana.
  16. Pass gay marriage.
  17. Cure the common cold.
  18. Nip Nazism WAY in the bud.
  19. Put a man on the moon.