Successful hacking attempts

Well, you know, gaining access where you are not supposed to... with proper tools, it's actually not hard to do. I'm not a security expert, just a code 🐒!
  1. SQL injection on internal company website
    With the permission of my boss as a demonstration.
  2. WEP wifi hacks
    When I was in China living with my grandparents, they had no internet, so "borrowed" my neighbors
  3. WPA2 wifi hacks
    A few years later, when I visited again, they changed to a more "secure" router, but I needed the internet! Sorry neighbor...
  4. Breaking into other people's accounts on shared hosting
    Was bored during lunch, and found some private keys on google, and I got in via SSH. I let a note there, something like, "you've got owned, don't leave your keys out in public!" Hope he saw it...
  5. Break into my dad's home camera
    He left his camera default password on and accessible globally. I told him to change already, sorry.
  6. HeartBleed SSH key hacking
    Remember that high risk vulnerability? I did it to show my boss it needs to be fixed yesterday! He listened.