plz don't hate me
  1. How I Met Your Mother
    got super obsessed then inexplicably quit in the middle of season 5 and never looked back
  2. Bones
    liked it til I realized that literally every single episode is the exact same thing
  3. Breaking Bad
    stopped after season 4. my bf is still mad about it and refuses to let me watch better call saul cuz i don't deserve it
  4. Lost
    stopped after season 4 cuz who didn't? and can u really blame me?
  5. 30 Rock
    stopped a few episodes in. i really truly wanted to get on board to help me get over finishing parks & rec but it just wasn't the same caliber
  6. Scandal
    somewhere in the middle of season 2 after i started to hate everyone
  7. House of Cards
    just never got around to starting season 3... idk I want to but i feel like i have to follow along so closely & think so hard that lazy me is just like meh next time
  8. Secret Life of an American Teenager
    after that scene where she found out she was prego and then the whole high school marching band walked behind her playing music...i just couldn't
  9. Bates Motel
    as soon the mom/son sex stuff started getting too weird... like wtf nope✌🏽️out
  10. Master of None
    would like to get back to it in theory but never quite get there in practice