Inspired by @matthobby... hard to say who's dad is a bigger spammer. a little necessary background: I'm a bit of a black sheep being democrat/liberal in my Texan (conservative) family...
  1. Subject line: 'OMG!'
    video about what it's like to change quadruplets. did not watch. ain't no one got time for that
  2. Subject line: 'Cat Story 1 and 1/2 Minutes'
    a strategy he frequently employs to try to get me to watch whatever vid he has sent. this one looks like it was about a kleptomaniac cat that steals everything. as far as these emails go it is actually probably one of the better ones and I thought about watching it.
  3. 'Story for a Cat Lover'
    must have been a slow day cuz I actually did watch this vid. it was about a shit ton of feral cats on some island in Japan that like didn't have enough food but then some volunteers asking for ppl to send cat food went viral and like a million ppl sent food so then they had to beg ppl to stop cuz they didn't have any more room on the island 😹
  4. 'Huh?'
    video titled 'are you smarter than a Harvard student?' I didn't watch it cuz I like to think that having a degree from Harvard makes me smart and I figured the vid was prob gonna ruin that
  5. 'FW: great email'
    this was a goldmine of racist/sexist/bigoted/ignorant stuff mainly trying to insult democrats but in the process insulting everyone else too. awesome, thx dad.
  6. 'News Quiz'
    this one was exactly what it sounds like & admittedly pretty cool
  7. 'I Sent Him $15'
    contained a link to a story about a group of friends that set out to carry their friend with spinal muscular atrophy across Europe to help him achieve his dream of backpacking it despite his inability to use his limbs. my dad must have been rly inspired cuz he won't even give me $15. he later resent the email with the subject line 'I Sent Him $10' and clarified in the body that he meant he sent him $10... lol thx for the clarification
  8. 'FW: Another Democrat Funny'
    contained this pic and said 'no comment needed.' well gee it's hard to argue with that kind of logic and thoughtful reasoning behind taking a particular political stance... guess I should rethink my views. not.
  9. 'HMMM'
    contained a link to what looked like a video about terrorism and said something abt it being time to listen to Trump and take him seriously. I obviously did not indulge b/c it reeked of islamophobia & in my book the time to start taking seriously Trump's ideas about foreign relations (/pretty much anything) is never
  10. 'FW: This message came from a family in South Africa'
    I was actually open to this until I read the commentary from presumably the person who sent it to my dad and just could not take it srsly 😹😹 oh rly? students demanding that the school stop honoring a super shitty imperialist constitutes reverse racism...? k. gonna go ahead & sit this one out.
  11. also like half the time when he tries to send me videos he messes up and the email is empty:
    thank god he didn't mess up the 'goats that think they are cats' vid cuz that sounds truly life changing
  12. soo that's my life.