Length of Minutes, Ranked Longest to Shortest

  1. Treadmill minutes
    plz can I stop now
  2. Airplane minutes if you can't sleep
    verry close second
  3. Microwave minutes
    get in my bellyyyy
  4. Traffic minutes
    I hate all of u
  5. Insomnia minutes
    especially after u check the time to see how f'd u are
  6. Dental cleaning minutes
    no Sheryl I do not want to hear about your child's summer camp experience
  7. Airplane minutes if you can sleep
    slightly better but still longer due to immense discomfort
  8. At home minutes when you wish you were with your SO
    or just stuck at home looking forward to something more exciting in a couple of days
  9. Boring class minutes
  10. Typical (normal-length) minutes
  11. Sleep minutes
    srsly how is it morning
  12. Massage minutes
    noooo plz keep going
  13. Minutes with your SO
    where does time go!? not cool.
  14. Vacation minutes
    don't even blink