Reflecting back, I can't help but feel that these choices were most regrettable and that my parents owe me some form of compensation for the hours of childhood I lost watching these shows.
  1. Gilligan's Island
    God why? And why is this the first that comes to mind? It's gotta be that damn theme song.
  2. Brady Bunch
    Debatably the worst quality of acting to ever occur on a sitcom but somehow an instant classic. I mean who didn't watch this? Stupid effing Jan.
  3. Green Acres
    Another super catchy theme song and another super weird corny show that my Dad thought was the funniest shit ever.
  4. Family Feud
    When I would get my way. If you know me at all, then it does not surprise you that I've been training to be on this show since I was a child. I was born to play Fast Money.
  5. 7th Heaven
    What a wonderful wholesome family. I wonder where the pastor is now.. oh wait.. this is awkward.
  6. I Dream of Genie
    Good god I regret making this list. My parents were the worst.
  7. The Secret Life of an American Teenager
    Ok admittedly this was way later but when this show came out my mom got weirdly obsessed with it and made us watch it with her so she could ask us if that's what high school was really like. Spoiler alert: it wasn't. at all.