1. cutting fruit beautifully is actually kinda hard
  2. there will always be that drunk guy who hits u up allll night and never. tips. once.
    In the case of this wedding there were like 50 of those guys. don't be that guy
  3. how to pretend to pour vodka but not actually pour any (towards the end of the night when people are too hammered)
  4. wedding music = 6th grade Y dance music
    same playlist
  5. ice melts at an alarming rate
    and then sucks
  6. thank u goes a long way
  7. catering involves a shit ton of manual labor and heavy lifting
    set up and take down is a bitch and I have way more respect for people in this industry now. it's not just holding trays of appetizers or pouring drinks yall.. a 5 hour wedding is an 11 hour shift
  8. people are assholes
    sober and drunk ppl included. if u want me to change something abt your drink I am HAPPY to. no need to be rude abt it. (especially if ur not tipping)