Allow Me To Listroduce™ Myself

  1. My name is Sabrina
    I'm 17 .. Probably one of the youngest users on this app.. & yes I'm a natural ginger
  2. I'm from the Bronx
    I was born in Albert Einstein Hospital on January 29, 1999 & been living in the Bronx ever since then... I'm looking to possibly moving out the city for college but I'm not too sure, I love the city, it's all I ever been around . & wow here's a picture of the block I lived on before I moved 2 blocks down
  3. I'm an artsy person
    I have a really creative mind.. I love making my own things, I like planning out events and planning how I want to decorate, love making my own cards, drawing, coloring, I love anything that has to do with art. & I really love Special effects makeup. I'm currently working on a portfolio and trying to find a place where I can be an intern. Here's a picture of what I did to myself for Halloween 2015. Halloween 2016 will be even cooler.
  4. I do really good in school
    I recently transferred into a different high school because I was having a lot of problems before in my old school. I wasn't getting good grades because I had a lot of distractions and kept going down the wrong path. Ever since I been in my new school, I've been getting Straight A's & B's. I know I'm capable of it, I always have been but before I was really having a lot of distractions