Metaphors I Have Used To Try To Describe My Debilitating Chronic Illness (ME/CFS)

  1. A screaming, bratty toddler throwing a neverending fit in the middle of a crowded grocery store, and nothing you do soothes her, and no one will take her off your hands for even a second
  2. Severe, neverending mono
  3. A huge hand pressing you into the floor, but it's never satisfied and seems like it won't stop until it somehow crushes you into and *passed* the floor, into the ground
  4. Carrying 200 pounds on your back forever with no breaks, but the weight is invisible to everyone else, and they get frustrated when you can't manage to just carry an extra 5 pounds for them
  5. An iPhone whose battery is capable of charging, but it can never get past the red (20%)
  6. Fighting an invisible war no one knows or cares about, being attacked from all sides with no reinforcements, for 10 years
  7. A car that you wash and meticulously maintain and fill up with premium gasoline, and it still refuses to go