Rob Delaney's Best "At Replies" on Twitter

My favorite part of comedian Rob Delaney's Twitter presence is his many absurd interactions with companies and public figures. I've organized my favorite "@ replies" into three categories: topical, completely random, and more targeted political commentary.
  1. First, we have the topical:
  2. The missing Malaysian Airlines flight
  3. The 2014 World Cup, when Belgium beat the United States
  4. The Nick/Mariah split
  5. The Ebola outbreak
  6. The Cincinnati Zoo gorilla fiasco
  7. The debate on gun control
  8. Next, we have the completely bizarre and out of the blue:
  9. His interactions with politicians, though, are by far my favorites. Rob targeted several GOP candidates leading up to the primaries, including but not limited to:
  10. Bobby Jindal
  11. Mike Huckabee (1/2)
  12. Mike Huckabee (2/2)
  13. Ted Cruz (1/3)
  14. Ted Cruz (2/3)
  15. Ted Cruz (3/3)
  16. And, of course: The Donald