2008 promises we might finally get

Remember when we got some exciting, apocoliptic pomises in early 2008. All we got was 96 months of private sector job growth, single digit unemployment, marrage equality, healthcare, a cleaner planet and nuclear peace treaties. Soooo boaring. In 2017 we still may get
  1. Death panels
    In 2008 Obamcare was coming for grandmas everywhere. In 2017 say so long to health care, clean water and safety regulations. Now death is coming for us all.
  2. Devistating hurricanes
    In 2008 gay marriage was suppose to create devistating hurricane. In 2017 its the elimination of the EPA
  3. Riots
    In 2008 the American people were going to rise up against the tyrannical rule of Obama. In 2017 it could come from the Alt-Right or Trumps henchmen.
  4. Sharia Law for everyone (great for the fellas)
    In 2008 Obama the secret muslim was going to impose sharia law in America. In 2017 women are suppose to dress like women, the men are in charge and a guy can grab any lady by the, well you know.
  5. Their coming for our guns
    In 2008 the government was coming for our guns. In 2017 its the roving bands of marauders coming for our guns, food and women after the fall of society