Five Anime Series Everyone "Not Into Anime" Should Watch

This list is more for those of you just "not into anime." They're a little heavier on the drama and action but that seems to be more my speed personally. I'm sure someone else can recommend more comedic shows. But most of these have much more of a western flavor making them easier to get into for those afraid to make the plunge.
  1. Cowboy Bebop
    A group of intergalactic bounty hunters try to avoid going hungry in episodic stories that build on their personalities and quirks. We're talking everything from battling crime syndicates, dealing with truckers in space, hunting crooked cops and tripped out on mushrooms adventures. Cowboy Bebop is the most essential anime series and one of the greatest television shows ever made. And I didn't even mention the amazing soundtrack. There's a movie called Knocking on Heaven's Door as well.
  2. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    Between racial and religious tensions, fantastical elements of created humans based on the seven deadly sins, and some sweet alchemy the show has a lot going for it. But its core is the relationship between two brothers and their journey through this story. Brotherhood is not to be confused with Fullmetal Alchemist though. Both shows begin the same way and then split into different narratives. Brotherhood is the better narrative though the original is worth watching too.
  3. Code Geass
    There are two seasons to this show and its stellar. Because what's more important than the story of royalty battling for control of the world? Royalty battling for control of the world in the near future in giant mechs. But there are memorable characters and a real evolution to everyone in this tragic story. At its core though is a battle of conflicting ideology between two young men and the course they think the world should take.
  4. Death Note
    When a grim reaper is bored in the afterlife he drops his tool of the trade into the human world to see what will happen. That's when Light Yagami finds the Death Note, a book where anyone whose name is written in it will die. And with it he attempts to create his vision of the perfect world. And the team of detectives, led by the genius L, begin their investigation into what they believe are murders. The battle of wits is as stellar as the descent into madness. Drama at its best.
  5. Hellsing: Ultimate
    I really wanted to go with a comedy or even a sports anime but when I think of Hellsing Ultimate and its 10 episode run I immediately think of one of the highest quality supernatural shows ever made. Vampires, vampire hunters, the Vatican, Britain on fire, Nazis, you name it. The show introduces all of these outlandish concepts and then ties them together around protagonist and ultimate badass Alucard. Everyone I've introduced to this show has been floored. (Totally scientific)