Phelps, Bolt, and Uchimura go out on top. Brazil strikes gold. Two American girls capture our hearts. Mario officially makes it to the Olympics without that deadbeat Sonic. What didn't these Olympic Games provide?
  1. Phelps and Bolt go out as immortals
    Was there anything better than watching the two golden boys of their sports immortalize themselves as the de facto greatest in their sports?
  2. King Kohei
    Kohei Uchimura is widely considered the greatest gymnast to have ever lived. And it showed in Japan's dominant performance in the team event and even though he faltered in the All-Around a little bit he still came out on top with the gold. We'll probably see him one more time in Tokyo before he joins Bolt and Phelps in history forever.
  3. Ledecky and Biles bring new dominance
    Two American teenagers dominated their sports in major ways. Simone Biles became the sweetheart of gymnastics while Ledecky broke her own world record and is poised to take over for Phelps in the pool.
  4. Gold for Armenia!
    When my small home nation takes any medal I notice (2 weight lifting silver medals and 1 wrestling silver) but it was Artur Aleksanyan bringing home our sole gold that allowed the world to hear our national anthem.
  5. Brazil's Dream
    It had to be Neymar. No one else could take that final penalty kick. And he brought Brazil their first Olympic gold! But it wasn't just their historic run through soccer. They also brought gold medals in their second most popular sport: Volleyball. The men's beach volleyball and indoor volleyball teams dominated like few other teams.
  6. Sisterhood and Friendship on the track
    Nikki Hamblin and Abbey D'Agostino tumbled during their race. But it was the act of seeing these two ladies help each other up and urge one another to finish the race that made hearts melt.
  7. The Refugees
    The IOC fronted the first ever Refugee Team. Proof that sport and the spirit of competition is for everyone.
  8. Viviani's Fall and Rise
    Italy's Viviani fell and tumbled down in the Omnium. But he got back up and raced his way to a gold medal.
  9. The First-Timers
    Fiji, Vietnam, Kosovo and Puerto Rico all won their first ever gold medals. Fiji's rugby team did so well in fact that in Fiji they declared a national holiday to commemorate the occasion.
  10. Super Mario!
    Japan stole the show during the closing ceremony of the Rio Games with a stylish performance. But they had Prime Minister Shinzo Abe jump through a pipe as Super Mario. It was hilarious and has a lot of folks excited for 2020.