readily available across our wide concrete ribboned nation.
  1. Spitz bbq flavored sunflower seeds
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    I have tried them all, and these are the best ones. Not only can they keep you engaged, they also have a charming flavor that is not really bbq-y kind of like candy grape flavor.
  2. String cheese of all kinds!
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    Can't drive and eat this one unless you want to bite it, which I believe defeats the purpose and disrespects the inventors original intent. At least 15 minutes of entertainment, partnered with a weird smooth skim milk plastic taste. Beware the 'twisted' kind. They pretend that they have twisted two different flavors together, but we all know this is bullshit, and they actually twist the damn cheese so it ruins the satisfaction of the downward peel.
  3. Laffy taffy ropes
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    Flavors that don't exist. Colors that are wrong. "Watermelon seeds" made out of some sort of chalky substance. Bad jokes on the wrapper. So bad yet so good. Defo made out of some sugary plastic compound-just as good as the D4L song.
  4. Cheez-its
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    I now realize that I am in love with the memory of a fictional cheez it and not the reality. I Still get them though.
  5. Peanut m&ms
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  6. Loves brand beef jerky
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    Of all of the preservative free jerkys this one rules supreme. It is both brittle and forgiving, ridiculously salty but not over whelming, and it is tough enough that you really have to work at it. It will make your jaw sore though. So take it easy.
  7. ONLY AVAILABLE ON THE WEST COAST: Wasabi Ginger chips
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    Current favorite. All star. Kettle cooked, pickled ginger tang, the wasabi is a little weak but, cmon. Lays made em, they are not known for their bold decisions. All you Cali listers should try them. They are everywhere over there. I am so jealous.
    WARNING: never get the bbq seeds and the jerky at the same time. It will do the same thing that those huge jaw breakers used to do to your tongue when you licked it too long.