1. Gas station apple pie- must be in wax paper
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    Once I fasted in the forest and did not speak for a weekend with my pal Asher and 6 other dancers + one filming high schooler. The not eating lasted a day and a half. During this time, I realized that gas station apple pie is the thing that I want to eat most. (Pictured here in original packaging)
  2. Cheez-its
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    Strangely enough I wish for a fictional cheez it that cannot be found. These do not taste like I think they should, but I keep on eating them searching for the right flavor. I have tried nips too (no go)
  3. Bacon, egg and cheese on a roll
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    Ohhhh I miss you. North Carolina has no idea what you are. Bless American cheese.
  4. Gatorade usually Frost
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    Who knows. Maybe from soccer practice when I was a reluctant goalie.
  5. A giant gusher